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Past Entries – 2002

What a year!  Found the producer of the sixties USAF television sign-off piece that featured HIGH FLIGHT.  I will certainly be interviewing him for the documentary… it’s a wonderful story in-and-of itself.

Amazingly enough, after 10 years of searching, I found not one but TWO 16mm film prints of the HIGH FLIGHT television sign-off piece.  (Thanks to the INTERNET for helping me locate these people and these items!)  I have transferred the film to digital format, and will be including them in the compilation DVD that will be done in January 2003…. stay tuned!

I also obtained a recording of Orson Welles reciting HIGH FLIGHT in 1946.  According to Welles’ biography, he recited the poem in 1942, but certainly the recording I have shows it being broadcast in 1946.  Don’t know the exact details.  This too will be included in my compilation DVD.


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