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Past Entries – 2003

November:  I have acquired several letters sent by John Magee’s father to a Mrs. Davidson.  She authored a book that contains High Flight: TWENTY POEMS OF FAITH AND FREEDOM.  I was also able to acquire this remarkable book; it has the English version on the left pages and English on the right. 

October:  A mini-review of the High Flight Compilation DVD has appeared in the November issue of Plane & Pilot! 

September:  I have shipped quite a few of the High Flight Compilation DVDs, and the response is overwhelming!  Have sent copies to people at the Pentagon and the FAA.

August:  I have located the T-38 version of the USAF High Flight sign-off film, and am in the process of obtaining it. 

June:  I have completed the High Flight Compilation DVD and shipped it to those who pre-ordered it.  It was quite a project and I am very happy with the final result.

I have been in communication with some of Magee’s family and will be interviewing them, hopefully this year (2003).  I also aim to visit England and Canada for more filming.


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