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Past Entries – 2005

January: Well, 2004 just zipped by.  There were quite a few ups and downs in my personal and professional lives.  Lots of opportunities for growth!  The JGM/High Flight biography/documentary project had to go on the back burner for awhile, but I am still intent on completing it!

For those of you waiting for the T-38 version of the USAF High Flight Television Sign-Off, your wait is nearly over.  I will hopefully have it in hand within by April.

I have acquired a video of William Conrad reciting the poem.  I understand that this film was shown in some areas as a sign-off film.

I have gotten a PAL version of the movie, “High Flight” starring Ray Milland.  Need to get it converted to NTSC before I can watch it — don’t know if it has any references at all to the poem.

April: Amazing, but true: the long wait is over!  I have obtained the T-38 version of the USAF High Flight Television Sign-Off and am in the process of adding it to the HF Compilation DVD Volume II.  In addition to the T-38 piece, Volume II will contain the William Conrad version of the Sign-Off film and John Denver singing his “Flight (The Higher We Fly)” song on the Bob Hope Show.

Stay tuned… I will be sending out a mailing to all those who have ordered the HF Compilation DVD as well as those who have requested to be notified when the T-38 version was available.


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