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While I’ve been working on High Flight – The Movie, I’ve sought inspriration from many sources.  Sometimes it’s music, sometimes it’s movies, sometimes a wonderful letter.  I’d like to share some of what has inspired me.

Websites.  There is one website in particular which is wonderful.  When you go to it, turn up your speakers.  Brian is an enormously talented guy, somebody who knows all about taking your passion and flying with it!  I cannot recommend his "One Six Right" DVD enough…  it is amazing.  Get the soundtrack CD and companion volume "One Six Left" while you’re at it:

Harrison Ford is Just Another Pilot, according to this wonderfully moving short video:

The Experimental Aircraft Association’s (EAA) annual meeting is known the world over as, simply, Oshkosh.   I’ve had the honor of speaking there a couple of years ago and am going to apply to speak there again this year.  This video neatly sums up Oshkosh (and, yes, it’s narrated by Harrison Ford):

I won’t list my entire Zune (similar to an iPod) playlist here, but I will list some of my favorites. 

  • Classical Gas by Mason Williams is my all-time favorite piece of music
  • the entire soundtrack to One Six Right
  • Overture from Tommy (Assembled Multitude)
  • Theme from Harry’s Game (Clannad)
  • Dream On (Aerosmith);
  • High Flight and We Will Remember Them (sung by Dwayne O’Brien)
  • Introduction to The Rocketeer
  • Spirit, The Wings That Fly Us Home, and many others by John Denver
  • Until The Last Moment and many others by Yanni
  • 10,000 Miles (from the movie "Fly Away Home" sung my Mary Chapin Carpenter)

I’m sure there are others, but those are some of the highlights.


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