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O Canada (Part 2)

– Continued from O Canada (Part 1) – Driving from Toronto to Trenton, I got a few tantalizing glimpses of Lake Ontario.  Arriving in Trenton, I drove around the area, spotting several WWII vintage buildings.  However, it seems entirely too busy and modern here to do much in the way […]

O Canada (Part 1)

Last week I returned from spending a week in Canada.  This trip was a continuation of my journey in telling the story of John Magee.  I was also going to do a bit of scouting, finding locations where 1940-1941 Canada might be recreated.   With the exception of a short visit […]

12/11/1941 – The Day the Poet Died

Curiously enough, December 11th, 1941 was a Thursday, just like 2008.  It was cloudy in England on that day, but not cloudy enough to prevent 412 Squadron from flying. The squadron practiced formation flying above the clouds for about an hour.  On returning, Magee was part of a flight of four “letting down” […]